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We are delighted you have found your way to our site and appreciate you taking the time to learn about the practice and the innovative and effective treatment of TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).  TMS can be a wonderful option for people who have not benefited from medication for depression or who cannot tolerate the side effects of medication.

My approach to each patient is guided and infused by my personal faith and the belief that each of us has a purpose in life’s journey. I have been providing TMS since 2010 and have seen TMS change the lives of our patients, from adolescents to senior adults.

North Shore TMS is now a participating Medicare provider.

Please click here if you would like us to see if your health insurer covers TMS therapy.

In May 2017, our excitement and belief in TMS was reaffirmed when our clinical results were compiled and then accepted for presentation by the international Clinical TMS Society. Our results showed the value of TMS for patients both under and over 25 years of age. (Click here for the details of the data review.) If you or a friend or family member struggles with depression and anxiety, I would invite you to investigate TMS therapy.  We are happy to speak with you and to help you determine if our practice and TMS would be a good fit for you.

To understand more about us, about depression and how TMS therapy can achieve remission for depression, we invite you to view the video on the right. It may change your life or the life of a loved one.

TMS on the Daily Show: Comedian Neal Brennan discusses how TMS Therapy did more for his depression than any other treatment (clip starts at 2:30).


If you are a new patient, please call 631-923-0006, and leave a message for TMS Coordinator, Ms. Donielle Woodstock, or email her at

Please remember that coverage for TMS therapy varies, depending on individual insurers and specific plans.  In addition, your specific plan may reimburse all, part, or none of the initial consultation with Dr. Carlsen.

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